DIY - Koowheel Electric Skateboards

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The KooWheel Electric Skateboard just like any skateboard must be continually maintained in order to function properly. Here's a list of things we recommend you keep maintained so you can enjoy your board for a long time. These steps should be followed regularly and never neglected. With the run-down of each procedure is a short video showing the procedures being done.
If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at 1-866-469-3698 or the form on our contact page.
  • With a 9/16ths socket (or skateboard tool) tighten or loosen kingpin to liking.
  • Make sure all trucks are mounted securely but tightening the 4 screws holding them to the deck




      • For a quick fix put a little bearing lubricant on the unshielded side of the bearing
      • Spin the bearing to distribute lubricant
      • For a deep clean remover plastic shield (with a razor)
      • Soak bearing in a small amount of degreaser
      • Rinse under water
      • Put a little bearing lubricant on the ball bearing
      • Spin the bearing to distribute lubricant
      • Pat dry with cloth
      • Replace shield
      • Remove nut from wheel post with skateboard tool
      • Remove wheel
      • Keep track of the washer, spacer and nut so they do not get misplaced
      • Use bearing removal tool or screwdriver to pry bearings out.
      • Repeat on other side